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After a year of personal integration and immersive research I am happy to present my first book.

I compiled in writing what I know so far from my experience working in the creative field of trend forecasting and my personal interest in philosophy and metaphysics.

My hope is to offer an alternative way of beliefs to inspire you to step up to your full creative potential and share your talents with the world.

This essay describes the beginning of Angelings, a project to encourage us to define our unique creative expression and to make a living from it.

"Time for expansion! A metaphysical reflexion on belief systems for the alternative mind.

This book presents twelve fundamental values that have weathered millennia of civilization. These wise concepts are our eternal companions; they make us feel safe to sail through the stormy weathers of our mood fluxes, while offering us the space we need to integrate our creative identity with what we do for a living. 

The success of our work organizations depends on the health of our teams; the welfare of our society relies on the accomplishment of each individual.

This essay is a journey toward personal integration. Ultimately it is about love, the miracle glue that makes one whole and unites people, and about creativity, the link between our spirit and our human expression. 

We are ready to bring out the angel within and offer to the world our most beautiful gifts.."