About Me

I am a storyteller, a video retail artist, a business consultant, creativity coach and an international speaker.

I started working in 1989 as a production manager at the trend forecasting company Trend Union, Paris France. In 1999 I moved to New York to start up Edelkoort Inc. to run the business as a partner, executive manager, speaker and creative director until March 2014. I have experience with sales and creation and presentation of trend audiovisuals.  I elaborated an educational method of trend forecasting and organize workshops with corporate teams and various organizations. I work on customized consulting projects with brands in the fields of apparel, beauty, personal care, hospitality, industrial design, communication and entertainment. 

I wrote the Angelings Book of Values to share my philosophical values with the world, drawing from metaphysical concepts and exposing my idea of a contemporary society. 

A firm believer in #upcycle and #re-use I sell used clothes on flea markets and online. I recently started creating short videos from scratch with music to reinvent the fashion pose and retail apparel in a more contemporary and compelling way. Check my Instagram @a.n.g.e.l.i.n.g.s

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