Concept: Make Spirit Work

From Spirit To Business

A Manual Of Creative Integration

Angelings is based on 12 philosophical values described in the Angelings book of Values. So far, it is a practice: it facilitates personal development, helping us to activate and integrate the creative facets of our multidimensional personalities.  

Angelings is also a work method: team workers also use the values matrix as a guiding frame to jump-start a creative discussion and keep projects on track with a desired vision.It promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration and brings teams together. We start collaborating when we focus on what we have in common. 

These fundamental values are derived from ancient teachings that have guided us through millennia of civilization. We can use more of their wisdom today. 

The imagery of spiritual matters is outdated. It is time to modernize it, make it appealing to a larger number of people and accessible to corporate organizations in dire need of improving their ethics.I believe that more and more corporate folks are interested in integrating spiritual principles in their daily actions, just as much as New Agers are ready to navigate the business world. 


Angelings proposes one of many bridges for these two worlds to start marching toward one another.

Angelings is the trademark I patented to describe my spiritual values.

Creativity is a spiritual practice. It allows us to align with out true selves. It brings us a sense of purpose and happiness. Replacing work with play, flowing from business to spirit, we evolve from Earthlings to ... Angelings. The spectrum of services I offer resonates directly with my skills, experience and aspirations. 

The Angelings project a method based on Values and psychological Archetypes to organize information and be the foundation of creative projects. This method has proven particularly efficient in my consulting and counseling activities. It is a customizable guideline to any design concept, strategy or product. I use this trademark for my retail operations.